Arachnia - Minas Tirith
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By deadlypear Arachnia


Arachnia is a one room survival game about the fear of spiders... in the dark.

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Keep the spiders off the girl by clicking to kill the spiders.

INCREASING DIFFICULTY: Game difficulty gradually increases, responsive to your skill level.

FLASHLIGHT runs out, until you're left in the dark. Pick up BATTERIES to keep your light juiced.

ANTIDOTE (health packs) replenish your health bar when you've been bitten.

FLARES light up the entire screen for a limited time so you can see all the spiders and item drops.

BUG SPRAY repels and kills spiders from the three block square surrounding your character for a limited time.

GRENADES instantly kill all spiders in a three block square around the grenade when clicked.

ESC key quits from gameplay without saving score.

Movement: Mouse